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December 2, 2018

Scripps Beach Family Photos | Robin + Rob

Last time I photographed this family’s portraits they were only 3 and now they are 4! FAMILY photos: Scripps Beach, now includes a little baby girl! I had suggested we shoot at a different San Diego location but my client thought it would be fun to shoot at the same location as the previous shoot.

This is such a fun family to shoot. I always encourage families to be themselves and play with their kids during family shoots. Yes, we all love and need those posed photos so we can look back at them when we are older. It’s nice though, to see how we interact with one another, forgetting that someone is photographing you.

Those are the special moments. I alway keep my camera ready for a shot, especially when I am asking a client to change positions or more to a location. It’s those in between moments when they are prepping that the candid shots shine! When they are prepping their little ones with words of encouragement so that they can smile, those are the smiles and small chats I want to capture!

I learned a new trick during this shoot that I would love to share with all of you photographers. Family Photo Tip: Tell the littles one NOT to smile and NOT to look at the camera and magically a kid wants to do the opposite, so then you get that little one looking right at the camera lens and smiling! The more you tell them to stop, the more they will look! It was amazing!!!

When we asked the little one to sit next to his sister and play, he couldn’t be happier! He sat right along next to her without hesitation and gave us the biggest smile! It was so cute!

This was shot the day after Thanksgiving, but we didn’t let the turkey get us down and sleepy. The sunlight broke through and it was so beautiful! There were many families taking photos at the beach, so I had to maneuver to make sure I didn’t get people in the background. Save time on photoshop.

Looking back at their last shoot, you will see a similar photo as the one above on the left. I can’t wait for her to print it and have them both side to side in a frame! Lastly, love giving parents a least one minute to feel like a romantic couple and not just 24/7 parents.



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