Eastlake Family Photos | Fabiola + Juan Manuel

December 14, 2020

Eastlake Family Photos | Fabiola + Manuel

As a San Diego family photographer we are seriously so fortunate to have such an array of backdrops to choose from when shooting. In the last year I have shot many times at Mountain Hawk. Both times were for a wedding and now for family photos! These Eastlake Family Photos | Fabiola + Manuel was a nice change from our last shoot at Balboa Park. The kids certainly had a great time!

This was a midmorning shoot, and fortunately there were some light clouds that was able to diffuse the light a bit. We started up top at Mountain Hawk park and then worked our way down Otay Lakes. Such picturesque backdrops it looked fake! It’s not that far either to get these mountains in your backdrop and I love that there is a lake too to get those blue tones!

Fabiola, of the diabetic mama life, has the most well behaved and loving kids!! They are so sweet with one another, giving each other hugs! It melted my heart! I love the way she dressed them too, they look like out of a magazine! They all looked like they were out of a magazine!

For a Saturday morning there weren’t that many people. Of course it’s winter, but it sure felt like summer. It was a beautiful morning. The kids enjoyed playing with the ducks and throwing stones in the water. The best tip for family photos is to have the kids entertained. This gives you the best candids.

Another major tip for family portraits is bribery. You should definitely have candy or a treat of some sort to reward the kids for their good photo behavior. I would recommend waiting a little before showing the candy. I would start using it 1/2 way when it’s really needed. If the kids see it before they might throw a tantrum. Lol.



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