Encinitas Maternity Photos | C + E

December 23, 2022

Encinitas Maternity Photos | C + E

As a San Diego maternity photographer, I love the excitement that is felt in a maternity session! Especially with first time parents! They have been reading, and preparing for the big day. These are the last weeks before they become parents or parents again! This leads me to the topic of when? As a La Jolla maternity photographer, I get asked a lot when a maternity session should be booked. I always recommend anytime starting at 7 months. Each body develops and grows differently. The important thing is comfort! In these Encinitas Maternity Photos | C + E was around 8 months. Remember that your entire pregnancy is normally ten months as you include the full month of nine.

Next thing to think about after considering date, is location. There are so many beautiful locations to choose from! You can photograph at the beach, the park, a meadow and more! You also don’t have to go anywhere at all and enjoy the comfort of your home! Home shoots can be totally fun and gives you a chance to play with some props! Have some fun and take a browse on Pinterest. See what creative in home maternity shoots inspire you!

It is totally ok to browse and have a moodboard or an idea of the vision for your session. This way your photographer can advise on outfits and props or the photoshoot. Don’t expect the session to be 100% identical to the inspiration photos you have collected. You will have your own interpretation. Not everything is going to work exactly as you see it, but you can customize it for yourself. Be open to variations of what you see. Expect that you may not find the exact flowers or the exact outfit from what you see. Keeping an open creative mind will make the session flow better and you will have your own unique creative ideas too!


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