Mission Beach Family Photos | Bella B.

February 2, 2021

Mission Beach Family Photos | Bella B.

As a San Diego family photographer, I have seen an increase this past year in extended family portraits. I think due to COVID, many families have gathered together to create special memories. I think it’s great when all three generations come together and spend quality time on a family vacation! In these Mission Beach family photos | Bella B. brought together her kids and grandchildren for a beach getaway!

They had great energy and so much love for one another. It was a delight to photograph them! They quickly made me feel like part of the family! They were staying at an Air B N B in South Mission Beach, so I decided to go to the jetty to photograph their portraits. I like this area because I can mix green grass and palm trees with the sandy beach and blue ocean! Can’t beat that!

The session started a little later than I would have wanted. The days had been sunny so I knew we were going to have to battle the bright light! That is why I like it when beaches have a park nearby because you can use the trees to filter the sunlight. They were prepared to stare into the sun, this wasn’t their first rodeo!

I wanted them to get the deep blue sky, but in order to do so, they would have to stare towards the sun. So what I did was have them turn in both directions so I can get both angles. There was a crane behind the jetty. I photoshopped it out for most of the photos, but left one in in case they liked that industrial look.

With a group this large, it is important to have a predetermined shot list for the different combination list. You can always send your client a template for them to fill out or have them simply fill out a combination list. This way you don’t miss out on any groupings. Once that is fulfilled, then you an have fun with the candids!



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