Scripps Woods Family Portraits

August 19, 2020

Scripps Woods Family Portraits

San Diego family portraits are extra fun when you bring the entire family! In this Scripps Woods family portraits the three generations were present! As a San Diego family photographer, it’s always fun to see the resemblances among family members. One thing for sure, make sure to do a group list to make sure you don’t forget any of the combinations.

I started with the family group shot list that included the big family group and then each individual family nucleus group. Once we double checked the list, I went ahead and let the kids run free and had the parents interact with them candidly and captured those moments as they took in the ocean views among the trees!

This wooded area near UCSD is such an amazing place to shoot at! The trees are very tall and there is a variation of them. Depending on the season, the meadow part can be green and lush or brown. On this day the clouds were coming in, unfortunately, so the ocean views were not as blue.

When organizing an extended family portrait shoot, I would suggest neutral colors for the wardrobe or make sure you keep the color palette aligned. Same groupings of colors and I would steer away from complicated patterns.

With this many kids it was extremely important to have all the adults making them laugh and smile. Make sure to have them stand directly behind you so all the kids are looking in the same direction. Snacks are always a plus as they work as a great bribe!

With everything going on in the world today, spending time with family and looking back at family portraits are extra special. If you and your family can safely gather together, I would highly suggest getting your family portraits taken.



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