Desert Garden Balboa Park Family Photos | Stacey + James

February 14, 2022

Desert Garden Balboa Park Family Photos | Stacey + James

As a San Diego family photographer, it’s fun to see your clients come back year after year and seeing their families grow! Family shoots in San Diego are so much fun! There are so many different backdrops to choose from! Whether you are more of a beach family, meadow family, park family, and more, there is something for you! In these Desert Garden Balboa Park Family Photos | Stacey + James brought their growing boys for some holiday fun!

When shooting in the morning, try to schedule your session as early as possible. Within the first 2 hours of sunrise is the ideal. If that is too early, don’t fret. If you are shooting at a location with some shade or tree coverage then you can shield the light. The middle of the day is the most challenging, but there are always creative ways to combat the sunlight.

Your subjects can be used to block light. If one of them is taller than the other, turn the taller person at an angle to create shade for the other one. Adjust accordingly to that it is not that drastic of bright light and shade. You don’t want the highlights and shadows to be that harsh. I would suggest a 45 degree to begin with and then shift if need be.

Reminder that when shooting family portrait, make sure to shoot the different groups. This also includes individual portraits. Start with the entire family, especially at the beginning when you have the kids attention. Then, you can go into smaller groups. Each parent with a kid and switch off. Each parent with all the kids. Then the kids together and then the parents together. Then individuals of each. This is a way for them to capture themselves in this moment in time.



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