Balboa Park Family Photos | Hamilton

July 21, 2021

Balboa Park Family Photos | Hamilton

As a San Diego family photographer, it’s always exciting to see a family’s first portrait session. There is the build up of what to wear, how to do your hair and making sure your little one doesn’t cry the entire time! However the session ends up going, the important thing is to have fun! That is my priority when shooting family photos! This Balboa Park Family Photos | Hamilton family was debuting their 7 month old daughter! On top of that, they were bringing their dog too!! A Dalmatian!!

So much greenery to be had at Balboa Park! This was a morning shoot. I find that when shooting families with babies or young kids, morning sessions work better with their sleeping schedule. Another positive about shooting in the morning is that normally there are less people out and about. Especially when shooting at popular places like Balboa Park. I always push for weekday session. When shooting on the weekend try to shoot earlier in the morning. Or at sunset, try to find locations off the beaten path.

If your clients have pets, I highly encourage them to participate in the shoot. That is, if they are well behaved. You don’t want to stress out your client either. I do love it when pets join as they are an important part of the family. Now that I have my own dog, I feel even more strongly about this. No matter the type of shoot. It can be family, wedding, maternity, etc. It’s something they will look back on and appreciate. They will definitely cherish the memory!

When shooting family portraits, make sure to mix up the combinations. Posed family, candid family, posed parents, candid parents and then each parent with child and child on his or her own. This way they have a lot to choose from. Also mix up the backdrops as much as you can! Your clients will appreciate this!



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