Balboa Park Family Photos | HW

February 14, 2022

Balboa Park Family Photos | HW

As a San Diego family photographer, I love seeing the excitement parents have with the growth of their kids. Sometimes parents want to book a portrait session just of their kids. They want to document how they change year after year. While they are a great idea, I can’t help but encourage parents to step in for a few shots. These are such precious moments that you don’t want to miss an opportunity. In this Balboa Park family photos | HW joined her daughter, along with her husband, to document their family.

The fun thing about setting up portraits for your children is getting to choose outfits! In this session, Heather had 2 outfit changes for her daughter. If you need a suggestion for Children’s clothing, please check out one of my clients, WILD WAWA. I have been shooting their lookbooks for some seasons now and I am always in awe of their collections.

Balboa Park is a great place for morning shoots. There are so many trees, buildings and areas that can crate shade for you if you have to shoot with a lot of sunlight. Be prepared to shoot in the morning when booking families with young children. They tend to prefer mornings due to sleeping schedules. So always be prepared with locations that offer covered areas.

When shooting in a large area of space, I tend to stick with my 85mm CANON lens. It keeps the focus on the subject(s). If I wanted to focus more on the landscape then I use my 35mm prime Canon lens or the 24-70 zoom lens. If only Canon would come out with the 24-70 zoom lens f/1.4. Then I could use it in low light. If they did that with the 70-200 lens too, I would use just those 2 lenses. For now, I mostly stick to my prime lenses.



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