Coronado Beach Family Photos | Meredith + Matt

November 26, 2021

Coronado Beach Family Photos | Meredith + Matt

As a San Diego family portrait photographer, it’s amazing how we get to see families grow over the years. In these Coronado Beach Family Photos | Meredith + Matt were introducing me to their second child! The first time I had photographed them was right after their first child was born, and now a couple sessions later and baby #2! Normally I would go to Los Angeles, but this time they came down to Coronado. Meredith had fond memories coming to the Del as a child, so she was happy to share it with her kids and capture that memory!

When shooting family photos, I tend to schedule them in the morning as I have found kids and babies are in a better mood. I always ask the parents what they think is the best time since they are the ones who knows best. Normally though, it ends up being a morning session. It was a very misty morning, but we went with it. I don’t mind shooting when it is overcast because if you are shooting at the beach, then you have everything available to you to shoot. Whereas under normal circumstances It would be super bright.

As a portrait photographer, or I can just speak on my own, but you definitely encounter back pain. So lately I have been shooting with one camera. I shot this all on an 85mm prime lens. When you are shooting in an area where you know you will have walking room, I would definitely suggest sicking to one lens. If not, then you will start to feel neck pain carrying two cameras. For weddings though, no doubt I always work with two cameras. You always have to be prepared on a day you can’t take back.


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