La Jolla Windansea Beach Maternity Photos | Olivia + Feng

May 10, 2021

La Jolla Windansea Beach Maternity Photos | Olivia + Feng

As a San Diego maternity photographer, I love the excitement surrounding not only the arrival of the baby but also the process. Part of that pregnancy process gets to be captured in your maternity session! The maternity session usually happens in you last trimester. It starts to feel more real! Especially now that the baby bump is showing more and more. These La Jolla Windansea Beach Maternity Photos | Olivia + Feng were extra exciting because they brought their dog and Olivia also included her mom in the session! I love when people include their pets into their portrait sessions! They are part of the family and complete the photo!

When shooting at the beach, you are always exposed to all the light. Usually there aren’t any trees nearby to diffuse the light if it’s bright out. I always like to start off nearby with some trees and flowers to wait for the sun to go down a little and also to offer a variety of backdrops to my clients. Here at Windansea, specifically Little Point, I took the couple to this beautiful house that is around the corner! The sunlight was shining through at the perfect time! I was on a high! The flowers lit up beautifully! Maximizing the spring bloom!

Shooting at the beach can be challenging with people in the backdrop, the tide coming up, the pathways not always being easy to access. I always recommend scouting beforehand to make sure you have some ideas as to spots to shoot your subjects at. You can always improvise while you are there, but it will help put you at ease if you already have a couple up your sleeve. Then you can focus on making your subjects comfortable and feeling confident.



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