Manhattan Beach Family Photos | Meredith + Matt

December 17, 2020

Manhattan Beach Family Photos | Meredith + Matt

As a San Diego Family Photographer, I love having clients in nearby cities as well! So I was happy when my client called me to come up to LA to shoot another family portrait. Last time we had shot at Adamson House, but due to COVID it was closed, so we chose Manhattan Beach! These Manhattan Beach Family Photos | Meredith + Matt turned out incredible! The day started out overcast but fortunately the clouds broke right before the shoot and we got some beautiful light.

The great thing about shooting on the beach in the fall/winter and on a weekday is that there aren’t that many people. Even with COVID, where people are working from home you would think that there would be more people on the beach, but to our good fortune we didn’t have too many. We met right by the pier. I arrived early so I could walk around and find some good spots.

There was a small patch of greenery that was between the boardwalk and the sand. I liked it cause it added some greenery to the photos that otherwise would have been yellow sand and blue waters. So we started there too so that we could walk back towards the ocean as the shoot progressed. Right off the bat we got Teddy to laugh and look at the camera so from here on out it was all fun and extra credit!

Teddy loved playing in the sand! So much so that he would throw it all in his face! Makes for cute photos of course! The weather was perfect. Not too hot, not too cold, all you need is that cozy sweater! It was so cool to see Teddy sitting up and interacting with us. The last time I saw him he was a newborn! Our shoot was exactly one year later! Great timing!



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