Adamson House Malibu Family Photos | Meredith + Matt

January 16, 2020

Adamson House Malibu Family Photos | Meredith + Matt

One of my favorite spots to shoot Los Angeles family portraits is at Adamson House. It is also a well known wedding venue and for good reason! It has beautiful lush trees, garden areas, tiled floors, ocean views, sand included, is it at the steps of the Malibu beach. Since I am a huge fan of having diverse backdrops, it is one of my go to’s. You will see in these Adamson House Malibu family photos | Meredith + Matt, we got some great diversity in the photos.

Meredith + Matt are first time parents and they are so excited about their little one, Teddy!! Teddy was definitely ready for his first photoshoot, in some of the photos he just held his VOGUE pose and would stare right into the camera lens and even posed with his fist. We were all bursting into laughter!

As I have learned, by being a San Diego family photographer, babies tend to do better in the morning. So I scheduled this Los Angeles family portrait session in the early morning. The day was beautiful, and there was no one in sight. The perfect session!

Meredith’s outfit was just perfect, she looked stunning! Whenever I get asked for wardrobe suggestions I always start by saying to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident!! Because if your outfit doesn’t feel like you or you don’t feel good in it, it will show in the photos. However, depending on the backdrop I suggest certain colors. As far as prints go, I like plaid, polka dots and florals. I do like stripes, but not too thin and close together, they don’t photograph too well. If one of you picks a print, then the other should go for a solid. That way it’s not too distracting. I am always happy to review your outfits beforehand if you would like.



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