La Jolla Cove Family Photos | Frausto

February 9, 2021

La Jolla Cove Family Photos | Frausto

As a San Diego family photographer, we are always dependent on the weather. If shooting at the beach, then the tide schedule too. Sometimes you are guaranteed sunshine, which normally we are, but then sometimes we get that gloomy, overcast weather by the coast that won’t go away. On this La Jolla Cove Family Photos | Frausto, I was almost going to suggest we last minute change the location, but then the sun came through for the majority of the shoot! It actually made for some beautiful light at the beginning as the sunlight filtered beautifully throughs the clouds!

I like shooting at La Jolla Cove, specifically Cuvier Park, because there are so many different backdrops to choose from. You can go from cacti, to stone wall, to the sandy beaches! It’s always better to shoot during the week, as this place gets crowded, especially in the summertime. We did shoot this on Sunday, but it was Superbowl Sunday, so fortunately there weren’t too many people!

When shooting children, it’s always important to connect with them. Make them feel comfortable with you and before you even start shooting, I would recommend just chatting with them a little. Find out what hobbies they have or what they like to talk about. This way when you are photographing them, you can mentions those things and see their faces light up. Cracking jokes always works too!

Another thing I like to do during family portrait sessions, is take individual portraits. Not just of the kids, but also of the parents. Parents are so selfless and always taking care of their kids, that I want to make sure they have a moment to feel like themselves as a person and not just a parent. So give them a quick photoshoot. 🙂 Plus it gives the kids a break from the camera as most will want to just play anyway!



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