Coronado Beach Family Photos | Jacqueline + Jason

December 21, 2020

Coronado Beach Family Photos | Jacqueline + Jason

As a San Diego wedding photographer, I am very used to shooting weddings and elopements at Coronado Beach. It has spectacular views, nice sandy beaches and the historic Hotel Del! This time I got to shoot Coronado Beach family photos | Jacqueline + Jason. This was their first family shoot and I was so excited to help guide them and put them at ease. Creating a space where your clients feel confident and comfortable should always be your number one goal in every photo session.

It was a beautiful day in Coronado! The sun was shining and I knew we were going to get the glowing magic hour light! There were no clouds in the horizon. Jacqueline mentioned this was their first family shoot but they looked like pros out there! Such naturals and all of this while Jacqueline had an injured ankle! She was such a trooper!

We didn’t even need to bribe the little one with snacks or toys to get him to smile and laugh for the camera. He had an amazing time and his parents were great at making him happy and tickling him! One of the rare times were candy was not needed! Parents always appreciate that too so they don’t have to deal with the post shoot sugar high!

As it was winter, we got lucky with being able to walk up to the lifeguard tower. Usually, if it was summertime, the lifeguards would be working and thus unavailable for us to use (as it should be). So it was cool to add that California beach vibe feel to their family portraits. The little guy certainly had a blast feeling like he was on top of the world! Perhaps he will become a lifeguard in the future!



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