WEDDING photos: Coronado

July 17, 2019

WEDDING photos: Coronado

I am shooting a lot of San Diego destination weddings lately! People love coming to San Diego, the food, the beer and the beach! Of course there is much more! These wedding photos: Coronado are of out of towners from Utah. The weather kept playing tricks on us, gloomy then sun, then overcast again. The wedding ceremony had all sunshine!

When you have that quick acting weather when it goes from gloomy to sunshine and back it gives a really cool ominous effect that I like very much as it creates a dramatic mood. It is a little annoying to have to keep changing your camera settings, but hey, it’s great practice to learn how to act fast to changing weather!

Just a little fact about beach weddings in San Diego for all of you out of towners. Alcohol is not allowed on the beach, nor is glass. Now you can certainly go to a nearby bar, which there are plenty of, but do not risk your wedding day getting ruined by a ticket from a cop. Just a little FYI. Remember the ceremony goes by quickly, so it’s worth the small wait.

Umbrellas are definitely a fun detail to add to your wedding, especially if it is outdoors. It’s a nice way for your guests to be shaded. Sometimes though, it will get in the way of some photos. The ceremony’s most important part is the bride and groom, but I do like to capture candids of the guests reaction. Getting those candids with umbrellas in the way makes it a little more difficult, but not impossible! So proceed with caution. Definitely a fun prop to use after the wedding, as the groom showed you above. Of course kids love it! Some think they can magically fly!


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