Children’s Lifestyle Clothing Brand | Wild Wawa | Spring 2022

February 11, 2022

Children’s Lifestyle Clothing Brand | Wild Wawa | Spring 2022

As a San Diego lifestyle photographer, I get to shoot all different types of lifestyle photography. From personal branding to clothing brands! Each one is so different and so fun to learn about. Before a lifestyle shoot I like to learn about the objective of the shoot, what kind of personality do we want to shot in these photos and how they will be used. It’s important to know whether your client will be adding text to the photos or not, will they use for storied and instagram posts, will these be used for a lookbook or catalog. In these Children’s Lifestyle Clothing Brand | Wild Wawa | Spring 2022, we shot at The Ecology Center in Orange County.

When you have a client you normally work with, you get to know very well what they want out of a shoot and the look they are going for. I have shot consistently for Wild Wawa, so I am well aware of what they want. I still do ask for a moldboard or what the theme of the shoot is. It helps me create a story in my head for the shoot. This session was for their SPRING 2021 line.

What I have learned from photographing kids is to let them explore their surroundings. It is a bonus too because it allows you to capture natural candids of them. When you think of kids, you think of curiosity and them opening their eyes to things and being care free. If you have a great location or bring props to create an amazing atmosphere, then just let them be. With some guidance of course. You can’t have them running around EVERYWHERE.

Of course it’s not always as smooth and that is when treats come in handy. I always suggest using small size treats because you don’t want this to backfire and they get hyper off sugar. In addition, natural treats are great too! Always let their parents decide of course.



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