HILLCREST | Dirty Dogs Professional Grooming

May 4, 2020

HILLCREST | Dirty Dogs Professional Grooming

This was definitely a fun environment to shoot in! A professional dog grooming room surrounded by 6 dogs at any given time! As a San Diego content creator, I was approached by Dirty Dogs to shoot at HILLCREST | Dirty Dogs Professional Grooming to showcase their professional groomers performing their services on a variety of dogs.

There was a lot of pre production before this shoot. We had two weeks to prepare as the client wanted to use this imagery for the relaunch of their website. I met with both the client and his team over at Libre Design who was in charge of revamping the website. We all wanted to make sure we were on the same page regarding the images and the prep work that needed to be done.

Tip: It’s never a bad thing to ask too many questions when doing the prep work. For example, I don’t expect someone who hasn’t picked up a camera to know anything about camera lenses, stopping up or down, ISO, etc. I would want someone to ask me all the questions they have because what I may think is obvious, might not be for someone else. So I always learned to do this when learning about client’s needs. Ask them very specific questions because sometimes they might know what they want, but you want to make sure they communicate that to you. They might not think to tell you cause it’s obvious, but you aren’t in that world, so make sure every detail is ironed out. You will be grateful for this after the shoot when the client isn’t asking why something wasn’t done that seemed obvious.

So ask all the questions and when they answer a question, dig even deeper! Understand why they want something and what message they are trying to communicate. This puts you into the mindset of your client, and will help you on the day of your shoot to make sure are shooting the content that you need for your client and that they have envisioned.



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