Balboa Park Family Photos | Robin + Rob

December 22, 2020

Balboa Park Family Photos | Robin + Rob

As a San Diego Family Photographer, Balboa Park has been a go to this year! Many families have enjoyed being out in the open and exploring the park together as I capture their family moments! There are so many spots to capture beautiful backdrops! It was so much fun shooting these Balboa Park Family Photos | Robin + Rob! They are repeat clients and it’s always a great time! I love seeing their family grow and this time around we have a bun in the oven!

I remember from our first shoot with Vin, he wouldn’t smile. So we would say don’t smile, and then he would smile! It was hilarious! Boy have I learned a lot about parenting from shooting family portraits! Now he is a complete pro smiling away. We didn’t even have to pull out treats till the end!

The trees at Balboa Park are just spectacular!! I call it Narnia! It’s like an outdoor photo set. There are trees perfectly laid out screaming to have them be used as your photo backdrop! Bonus for family portraits is that kids love playing on them so it makes for great candid shots!

Can we all take a second and talk about Natalie’s amazing overside cardigan sweater!! I told Robin I was obsessed with it and she said she bought one for herself too! I asked her why she didn’t bring it and she said she thought it might be too extra. NO WAY! I am here for it! Who doesn’t love a cute mommy and me outfit!

As always, during family portraits, I like to take a few minutes and do portraits of the ones that made it all possible, the parents! I want them to take a second a remember what it was like before kids. When they were first dating and when they just got married. I like to take them down memory lane!



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