Scripps Pier Family Photos

January 17, 2019

Scripps Pier Family Photos

Sweet sixteen! This is the second biggest family shoot I have done apart from wedding family portraits. It’s fun to document a mini family reunion. These family photos: Scripps Pier were shot during Thanksgiving. It’s a great time to get your San Diego family portraits done when you have a lot a family with you. Truth be told, this was shot the MORNING after Thanksgiving, but the turkey didn’t affect their bright and energetic smiles 🙂

A lot of the family members were out of towners, from the East Coast. You can bet they were surprised by our lovely San Diego weather at the end of November! So they definitely wanted beach shots. We started by the Forum to get some of those pretty palm tree shots. Then we headed over to Scripps Pier.

It was a big family effort to get the little one to smile. He started off with a huge smile, but as toddlers, the attention span goes quick! I wish I could have had a behind the scene photo taken of me and the 10 family members behind me trying to make this little one smile. It would have been hilarious!

Of course once in his grandparents hands he was at ease. It’s fun to capture the interaction with grand parents and grand children. It’s very playful. For the most part grandparents get the best part. All fun and no worries! They get to take all the vacations they want. They put the “grand” in grand parent. #DadJoke The rest of the session was all the different family configurations. To make the shoot as smoothly as possible I had my client write out the groupings, just like we do in weddings. As I knew we had a couple toddlers, I didn’t want to waste precious time.


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