Balboa Park Elopement | Brenda + Joey

October 20, 2020

Another wedding affected by this pandemic. They were originally going to get married on 10/10/2020 but because of COVID -19 they had to postpone their wedding to Spring of 2021. Last minute though, they decided to do a small celebration on their original wedding date. No ceremony, just wedding portraits and an intimate lunch with family and close friends. I am so glad they went ahead with this Balboa Park Elopement | Brenda + Joey were a dream to photograph!

The week before the elopement date, I walked around Balboa Park with Brenda to show her some of my favorite spots where I have done previous shoots at Balboa Park. I also wanted to hear what locations meant something to her and what she liked. This way on the day of, we would be super prepared and know where to go and could just be creative.

Now even though we prep, I am still open to spots that I may not otherwise have noticed on the walk thru or that for some reason it’s ideal at the time of shooting. This did occur. As we were leaving an area of the park where I had planned to shoot, I noticed this one tree and the lighting was perfect and I paused them and said give me a few minutes, I like what I see.

The day started overcast which I was not too upset about because the timeframe they booked me was from 12-2pm. This is normally the brightest time of the day. Had the elopement been at the beach I would have been a bit more concerned, but since I knew we would be surrounded by trees all around I knew I could diffuse the light. The sun came out right when we started shooting.

Have you realized how beautiful Brenda’s wedding bouquet is!! A friend of hers had made it that morning! I asked her friend if she is a florist and she said no, that she just grabbed some plants and put it together. I absolutely loved it and the colors!

Another wedding detail I love to shoot is the veil!!! It’s just such a statement piece that I love it when brides wear it. You don’t have to feel committed to it, you can wear it throughout some of your portraits and then, delicately, take it off. Joey helped me by holding the veil for some of the shots.



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