Balboa Park Wedding Elopement Photos | Jocelyn + Edwin

January 10, 2021

Balboa Park Wedding Elopement Photos | Jocelyn + Edwin

As a San Diego wedding photographer, I saw the many challenges that 2020 brought to engaged couples! Many had to postpone until 2021, and even now that we are in 2021, they have to keep postponing! Fortunately many have stayed positive about their union, and opted for a courthouse wedding for an immediate solution to wanting tie the knot. The beauty of that is you can have your formal portraits taken anywhere! In this case, Balboa Park Wedding Elopement Photos | Jocelyn + Edwin were excited to be able to seal the deal in 2020!

I was so happy to come back to Balboa Park and shoot this elopement session! I had done one a couple months before as well! This San Diego wedding venue really provides, and at any time of the year! During the spring season you will see cherry blossoms as I had when I shot these senior portraits. But even in winter it’s still green! That is the beauty of living in San Diego and being a San Diego Elopement photographer.

What’s fun about shooting at the same location but at different times is that certain photo nooks become available to photograph at. Since the light hits differently throughout the day, what you could have shot in the morning you can’t shoot in the afternoon and vice versa. This session was shot during the morning. Luckily there were some clouds that would come through to block the light a bit.

When your couples want to include a family photos in their elopement session, I suggest you start with that first. This way you can knock it out of the way and you can focus on the formal portraits for the rest of the photo session. Make sure to let them tell their family to arrive 15 minutes prior to start time.



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