WEDDING PROPOSAL photos: La Jolla Cove

July 23, 2019

WEDDING PROPOSAL photos: La Jolla Cove

Wow, wedding proposals are my new favorite thing! It had been awhile since I shot a San Diego wedding proposal, and I got all the feels when shooting it. For these wedding proposal photos: La Jolla Cove it was a destination wedding proposal. If you are thinking of proposing in San Diego, I would love to help! I would FaceTime with my client the location I suggested after he told me where they were staying and what he had in mind. I walked him through the location, sent him addresses and confirmed everything before he even flew over!

So we decided that we were going to have him pretend to take a photo of her so that she would be turned around and not see him take the ring out. He asked me how we would explain me being there, and I said I would just be your everyday photographer who is walking by taking nature photos. I told him that once she sees him on one knee she is going to emotionally black out! It took about 3 minutes for her to realize I was standing just steps from them and shooting the proposal. It was hilarious!

We joked that maybe proposing on the cliffs wasn’t the safest idea in case she got super excited so I told him to keep her close to the path. Fortunately no one was hurt 🙂 just super HAPPY! She was stunned! She said she had no idea and didn’t know how he had planned the whole thing without her knowing! Aww don’t you love it when they put that kind of effort!

To add to an amazing planned San Diego wedding proposal, he invited their friends too! So they were able to start celebrating right away!! What more can you ask for, your boyfriend taking you on a trip to propose and inviting your best friend too!



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