WEDDING photos: La Jolla Shores

March 27, 2019

WEDDING photos: La Jolla Shores

Another beautiful wedding in La Jolla’s beautiful La Jolla Shores Beach! The weather was perfect, the couple was so fun and in love and everything went smoothly! This was a San Diego destination wedding as the couple is from Oregon! All of their close friend and family were there to celebrate!

Fun fact about the couple, they have been together since middle school!!! I mean that takes high school sweethearts to another level! So adorable and cute! They literally got to know each other in almost all the stages of their life.

The bride had a beautiful train on her wedding dress! I love how even though it was a beach wedding, she still kept the train! It just photographs so beautifully! And can we talk about her adorable mini veil!

When shooting a San Diego beach wedding you have to be patient and quick to snap shots to avoid people in the background. You can’t always get a clean background, and sometimes it works to your advantage like when a surfer comes out of the water. That definitely add to the San Diego flair!

I mean was I right or was I right about that train!!! It’s just such a presence! YAS girl! I always tell the brides, you stay put and I will have everyone else work around you!

I mean can they be any cuter?! They were all laughs and giggles! They said they get awkward in front of the camera. So what should a photographer do? Crack jokes and direct in a casual way. Just make them feel like you aren’t there and that they are just enjoying one of the most important days of their lives.

As a photographer, you get so in the zone during a shoot that you sometimes forget you barely know these people sometimes and you get to participate in one of the most important moments of their lives! It’s pretty cool and extremely rewarding to be trusted to capture these moments.

It was a bit windy, so the bride was smart in doing an up do for her wedding hairstyle. It’s tough to predict how your hair will cooperate at the beach, but she got luck and used the wind in her favor. She legit looks like a princess!

She had beautiful wedding hair accessories and wedding jewelry. So I made sure to take some close up shots of those bridal details!


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