La Jolla Cove Cliffs Engagement Proposal | Cady + Cooper

July 31, 2020

It had been awhile since I shot a San Diego engagement proposal!! I would love to do more as these are so fun!! There is strategy and planning involved, location suggestions and then the ultimate surprised look on the newly fiancee’s face!! PRICELESS!! This La Jolla Cove Cliffs Engagement proposal | Cady + Cooper, was executed smoothly.

These two lovebirds were from out of town. So I wanted to make sure I provided Cooper with all the info and resources for location and then post proposal plans. I FaceTimed him on a couple locations I had suggested so he could see for himself and choose which one looks and feels the best. It was between this cliff area at La Jolla Cove and Sunset Cliffs. He opted for this one and plus there are a bunch of restaurants nearby so it was perfect for the shoot as we would do a walking tour photo session and finish right at the steps of the restaurant. I love efficiency 🙂

Cady was totally surprised and didn’t even realize I was photographing the whole thing. I always pretend I am a bird photographer or something when doing these proposals and will just causally be shooting up into the air when they arrive. After the proposal I looked over at her and said “Congratulations Cady” and then the second surprised look came over her face when she realized Cooper had taken the time to plan all of this out. She was so happy and taken aback. I loved every second of it!!!

Then if getting proposed to wasn’t enough of a surprise, then we told Cady it was time for her engagement photo session! It was surprise after surprise, but she and the both of them couldn’t be happier! You can see their gigantic smiles on their faces throughout the photos.

Another thing you will notice throughout their San Diego Engagement photos is how many times a bird flew into their frame!! I always feel like when a bird is captured in your photo, it brings good luck or it’s a good omen!

We finished on the cliffs right on top of the La Jolla Cave Store. I always call this area the Discovery Channel, because it feels like you are on the show with all the marine life! The ending photos were perfect and then they walked over to their dinner reservation at Eddie V’s.



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