ENGAGEMENT photos: New York

July 29, 2018

ENGAGEMENT photos: New York

Fun Fact: I used to live in NYC! My best friend also moved to NYC a little after I moved out there and that’s where she met her now husband! I’d say we spent just the right amount of time there for our liking; we both moved back to sunny California and recruited her husband as well! +1 for CA, -1 for NYC. So it took my best friend’s wedding to bring me back to NYC. Naturally I shot her engagement photos in New York! Where it all started!

ENGAGEMENT photos: New York

Correction: It all started in Hoboken, New Jersey!!! They met at work!! Talk about having a motivation to go to work everyday đŸ˜‰ So to satisfy our nostalgia we took the PATH subway over to their old office! That’s right folks, underwater!

Now to give you an idea on temperature, this was in the beginning of December and as you can tell from the magic hour light, it was getting dark fast!! We were definitely chasing the light. So from the PATH train station we walked over to their old office. Who needs a taxi anyway đŸ˜‰ Cue taxi photobomb.

I got a nice tour of where their office was and the places where they would grab a coffee and food together. Definitely a stroll down memory lane!! Super cute though and it totally helped with the photos. You could see hearts in their eyes!! They have so much love and adoration for each other.

ENGAGEMENT photos: New York

We then walked over to this grassy area along the Hudson River to get the New York cityscape views. Temperature dropping, love rising!

It was cool to get some greenery and also street city photos in one quick session! As I have mentioned before, love having diverse backgrounds for my client’s album. I must say we were pretty efficient given the cold and winter schedule. It was a very special session for me as she has been my best friend since were like 3!! I had seen this relationship from the beginning. I am happy to know she is in very good and adoring hands! He treats her a queen đŸ™‚

I am very excited to be shooting her maternity photos veryyyy soon!!! I will probably shed a tear or two of joy, my best friend is having a baby boy!!!  CONGRATULATIONS!!

ENGAGEMENT photos: New York

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