WEDDING photos: Coronado Beach Wedding

November 8, 2018

WEDDING photos: Coronado Beach Wedding

Fair to say that most people dream of having a beach wedding, am I right? Thankfully if your dream beach location is in San Diego you have Dream Beach Wedding to help  you make it a reality! They are experts at putting together effortless San Diego beach weddings! You can have it at any time of the day at various beaches in San Diego. This one was during sunset at North Coronado beach.

The light was just perfect!! They looked like a golden couple! Very ethereal. One fun thing that Dream Beach Wedding does is offer you what is called a blending of sand ceremony. It signifies the coming together of two different people and their different families as one. Each partner puts the sand into a bottle at the same time so the sand blends. If they have kids, they partake in in too. It’s really cute and it’s a great keepsake!

After the ceremony they walked off into the sunset. Just kidding, but almost! We took their family portraits and then it was time for the couples formal portraits! They were such a fun couple! The weather and light could not have been more perfect! The light kept getting more and more golden!

Dream Beach Wedding takes care of cleaning up after the ceremony so you can head on over to your reception after the formal portraits. They couple took great direction and they had so much fun. Super open minded and were up for twirls and candids!

I could have kept shooting for hours and only stopped cause we were loosing the light. I try to use as much natural light as possible when shooting. I don’t think I even took out my flash during these formal portraits! Makes it more romantic and moody!



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