WEDDING photos: San Diego Courthouse

August 22, 2018

WEDDING photos: San Diego Courthouse

This past weekends wedding photos: San Diego Courthouse! Had an amazing time! We had a close call, but everything worked out great! For all of you thinking of having your wedding ceremony at the San Diego Courthouse, please remember to bring your marriage license with you!! They will not print out another copy for you, you will have to buy a new one. So make sure you keep it next to the engagement rings 😉

Now I don’t even know where to begin to discuss how many great spots there are at the San Diego County Courthouse to have your wedding photos shot at! I had done a walk thru with my couple prior to the wedding to confirm all the spots I had scouted to make sure they were cool with it as some spots meant you had to trek into the “forest’ if you will. My couple was so easy going and so open to all the locations I had that I was thrilled and so inspired to shoot!

You would think we were at the San Diego Zoo wedding venue and not the San Diego County Courthouse wedding venue! I can’t stress enough how much I love having different backgrounds!! My San Diego bride and groom were on board too! So from lush garden inspired wedding photos I completely changed direction and went urban minimal. What do you think?

Their son was having a blast too! He had his smile down to the “t” and was dressed to the nine! This family radiated love and happiness!! I love when couples just go with the flow and are open to trying new things! I really had a lot of fun shooting them and getting creative and exploring new wedding photo ideas!

We changed direction again and went back to nature, sun kissed wedding photo vibes! We really lucked out with the lighting! The ceremony was in the afternoon, so before the famous golden hour, but with our surroundings we were able to make it work! I was sooooo stoked! I kept telling them how lucky we got with the light!!

During our scout the bride requested that the ships be in the background so I made sure to get that shot along with including the water fountains that are at Waterfront Park.

It really was a great ceremony! We kept our positivity and energy up and everything worked out smoothly in the end!

The clouds did start to roll in towards the end, as it usually does by the coast in the summertime. I decided to make the best of it and do some silhouette back and white shots to close out the wedding photo session. I highly recommend getting married here! The world is your oyster, photographically 😉


San Diego Wedding Venue: San Diego Courthouse
San Diego Wedding Photographer: Melissa Montoya Photography
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