Santee Courthouse Wedding Photos | Rita + John

August 14, 2022

As a San Diego courthouse wedding photographer, I love going to all the different civil ceremony locations across San Diego. Each has their own personality and backdrops. In these Santee courthouse wedding photos | Rita + John experienced the desert / boulder feel of the Santee courthouse. If you are a fan of big boulders and open valley, then this location is for you. Just 6 minute drive away from the courthouse is a lovely, nature filled area covered with boulders in a valley. Do keep in mind, this location can change appearance depending on the time of the year. As you can see here in this Santee civil ceremony back in February.

When booking a summer Santee courthouse wedding, I would highly suggest to book either the first or last appointment. It gets very and I mean very hot! You definitely want to avoid being in the hot sun. If you get the second or third time slot, then you might want to consider having your formal couple portraits taken before the actual ceremony. That way you avoid the midday heat and light.

If the thought of starting your session early sounds sleepy, don’t worry, there is a hotel directly across the street from the courthouse. So you can still get ready in time and so forth. You can also have a San Diego hair and make up artist come to your hotel too if needed.

Wedding flowers will dry out quickly in this heat! So make sure you have a small vase to keep your flowers in water up until the ceremony appointment or your formal portraits begin. Make sure you also have a small towel to dry off the flowers when you take them out of the vase. Sometimes, if the flowers are wrapped with a velvet string, the color can rub off if wet. Always better to be prepared and overly cautious.

Despite the heat and scorching sun, these Santee Courthouse Wedding Photos | Rita + John look stunning! They were great sports about the heat and the small trek up the hill. They kept hydrated and we definitely took a break in the shade that worked out in our favor with great photos too! I cannot stress enough how great it is to get married at the Santee courthouse!



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