Los Penasquitos Canyon Trail | Family Portraits

August 3, 2020

Los Penasquitos Canyon Trail | Family Portraits

As a San Diego family photographer, I love learning about new locations and trails to use as a backdrop for family portraits. I was completely blown away by the beauty of Los Penasquitos Canyon Trail. I had not been here before, and was happily surprised by the topography during summertime. I went to the end of the driveway where the barn is.

I fell in love with the open wheat fields and these burgundy tall plants… I so badly wanted to cut them and take them home to decorate, but I didn’t of course so everyone else could enjoy them 🙂 I also loveeeeeed the willow trees. They are a sad but happy tree. So many great spots to shoot! Normally I would have started this shoot later in the evening, but we were on baby nap schedule.

Lately we have been having gloomy weather, but fortunately since this area is out east by the 15 we had plenty of sunshine. We could see the clouds starting to roll in but it’s like they paused right before our spot. So thankfully we had plenty of natural light! Having all the willow trees helped to diffuse the sunlight so it wouldn’t be so bright.

It was so great to see my clients again and the newest member to the family!! It’s such a treat to see the families grow in size and age! Mason was such a trooper and always had a smile on his face. When his sister wasn’t giving us smiles, he made sure to make her laugh! I might hire him as my laughing assistant!

I loved Los Peñasquitos Canyon Trail so much I want to go back this week and do another shoot and see what it’s like when it’s closer to sunset. It has a very Ralph Lauren vibe to it. I would also love to see it in the spring as I have a feeling it’s full of spring bloom!! Fall might have a super moody feel to it too!


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