WEDDING photos: La Jolla Shores Beach, CA

May 15, 2019

WEDDING photos: La Jolla Shores Beach, CA

The fun thing about being a San Diego Wedding photographer (and also an OC wedding photographer and Los Angeles Wedding photographer) is that you get to experience all types of weddings. Small weddings, huge weddings, and everything in between. I have found elopement weddings to be so intimate and cute! It focuses on the couple itself and / or a few close friends and family. These wedding photos: La Jolla Shores Beach, CA show that!

This couple also did the blending of the sand which represents their lives coming together and blending as one. Dream Beach Wedding covers even the smallest details when having your intimate San Diego elopement beach wedding!

Can we talk about how beautiful this bouquet is!! The pop of colors went beautifully with the blue sky and the groom’s blue shirt! Dream Beach Wedding also handles all your floral needs! It’s a great team to be a part of! The bride absolutely loved her bouquet! Almost as much as her ring 😉

The elopement took place at 1:30pm so it was very bright out. This can get tricky, so as a photographer, just keep calm and find your light. Sometimes you can even use the bouquet to dim some light.

What was super cool that day, was that the tide was low. It exposed this mini lake looking thing with some mounds of sand in between. So of course I wanted to save that sport for the formal portraits. The bride and groom are from out of town, so they loved every bit of having their toes in the sand!

I always enjoy a little black and white wedding photography. If you ever freak out with the light being too bright, black and white photos are great for that!

Can we talk about how amazing this bride’s wedding dress is!!! Another one with a train at the beach! I love it!! Just because you are having a beach wedding, doesn’t mean you can’t have a train or a veil. You wear what makes you feel like a powerful princess!! So of course I wanted to show off that train. So at the end of our session, I had her step up along the boardwalk to let that train flow!


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