High School Senior Portraits | La Jolla Scripps Beach | Savannah

September 29, 2022

High School Senior Portraits | La Jolla Scripps Beach | Savannah

As a San Diego portrait photographer, one of the categories I photograph are high school Senior portraits. That doesn’t mean it is only local high school seniors, that can also include seniors who are in town visiting colleges. What better way to remember your first college visit than with a portrait session! Also, a great way to show where you will be heading next fall! In these High School Senior Portraits | La Jolla Scripps Beach | Savannah was loving her future surroundings!

When booking your high school senior portrait or college grad portrait session, plan ahead on your outfits. If you play a sport or participate in a team/club, consider wearing the uniform as part of your outfits. Then you can have a more casual outfit and a more formal outfit. Really, whatever cute outfits you feel like getting photographed in! Let your photographer know your outfits, so he or she can have an idea of the order you wear them in. That can depend on the different backdrops you go to.

As Savannah was visiting from out of town with her parents, they hopped in a couple photos as well. Another great excuse to have your portraits taken while on vacation with the family! When you are from out of town, rely on your photographer to offer location suggestions. Let them know what you envision or what you would like as a backdrop and see if they have something that is similar. They can send you links to previous work they have photographed at that location. You can also do your own research too!

Make sure you know when the due date is to submit your high school senior portraits are. You want to make sure you can book your session with enough time! You have all summer and early fall. Have fun!



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