San Diego Newborn Photos | Shauri + Thomas

January 10, 2021

San Diego Newborn Photos | Shauri + Thomas

As a San Diego maternity photographer, it’s so fun to see when your maternity client has her child! You get to observe the resemblance to the parents and it’s just so trippy that two months prior they were just inside their mommy’s belly and now here they are! In these San Diego Newborn Photos | Shauri + Thomas were super excited to be first time parents! I did their maternity shoot outdoors at Los Peñasquitos Canyon, for their newborn we shot at their home as is usually done for most newborn shoots.

Being a first time parent can be very intimidating. Your newborn shoot shouldn’t be! Many times I am asked when a newborn shoot should be scheduled and really it’s up to you. Some things to keep in mind are your sleep schedule as well as the baby sleep schedule. Scheduling the shoot after feeding time is good because the baby is calm and relaxed. If you are lucky the baby will still keep their eyes open!

Another thing to consider is that newborns get baby acne!! I know, poor things, they just went through this birthing experience and then they immediately go through puberty! lol! So you definitely want to do it early enough before they get it or wait till after the baby acne fades. Don’t worry, it doesn’t last forever! Perhaps a week.

They waited about a month before having the newborn shoot as the week we had originally scheduled which was after a week, she got baby acne. So really a newborn shoot doesn’t have to be in the first week, it can even be in the first month! Whatever makes your life easier!

Of course moose, their dog, is also included in the photos! He is just as much a child as baby G! I shot all these photos with natural light as I wouldn’t personally want to use flash on a baby. So make sure to position them near natural sunlight!



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