La Jolla Cuvier Park Family Photos | M + K

December 21, 2022

La Jolla Cuvier Park Family Photos | M + K

As a La Jolla family photographer, I love shooting at the beach! Nothing is better than getting our feet wet! Even in the winter time, the water still feels good! Which is why so many families like to have their fall family photos at the beach. Living in San Diego, we have the luxury of being able to photograph at the beach all year round! The holidays bring families together and so booking a family session with your extended family is a great idea. It’s hard to get families together, so what better time than then! In these La Jolla Cuvier Park Family Photos | M + K enjoyed some fun family time!

When working with big family groups, it’s always a good idea to get a family combination list. When a lot of people are involved, it’s easy to slip and forget of a combination. Having a list helps keep things in order. Starting with the list is a strategic move. Once that list is done, then you can have more fun and focus on the candids. Let the kids run around and explore their surroundings with their parents and grandparents. I suggest having at least 2 backdrops for the posed and candid photos.

Arrival times for the families can be a little staggered. That way there are less distractions between the cousins. Or you can also have everyone arrive at the same time. Just start with the list to stay focused. As far as outfits go, let your clients know you are there for any feedback they may want. I always like to suggest that three colors be chosen. Outfits can be in different shades of those three colors. One person per family can wear prints. If more than one per family wear them, it can get a little busy.



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