Los Penasquitos Ranch House | Senior Portraits | Reb

November 25, 2021

Los Penasquitos Ranch House | Senior Portraits | Reb

As a San Diego Senior portrait photographer, it’s fun to discuss location and wardrobe ideas with the high school seniors. It’s a chance for San Diego high school seniors to reflect on who they are and portray that in their senior portrait photo session. In this Los Penasquitos Ranch House | Senior Portraits | Reb chose multiple outfits for this meadow / field backdrop.

Having multiple outfits for your high school or college senior portraits is great because then you have a variety of photos to choose from. A great excuse to organize your closet to find “new” outfits or go shopping! I would definitely suggest a variety of different styles, from jeans and a t shirt to a flowy dress. The important thing is to always stay true to you and your style.

I love shooting at Los Penasquitos Ranch House, because it has so many different backdrops. I alway start in the south end to let the light diffuse through the trees. Then I move over to the barn door and then end with the field. It’s great to shoot here during blue hour too! When the clouds are present, you definitely get those cotton candy pink skies!

Alsoooo, you can totally bring your pets into your session! It’s a fun memory to have, especially as time goes by! And when your high school senior is off to college or wherever life takes them after high school, they can have their photo with their dog as a nice token of home!

For portrait shoots, I rely on two lenses. My go to, if I could only use one, is definite the CANON 85mm prime lens! It’s such a dreamy lens that makes everyone look so creamy and great! If I am using 2 lenses, I use my Canon 35mm prime lens. I rely on that more when I want to include more of the landscape. Both lenses are great for low light during the blue hour!.


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