Balboa Park Family Portraits | Danni + Owen

October 2, 2020

Balboa Park Family Portraits | Danni + Owen

Another successful San Diego Family portrait session at Balboa Park! The smoke from the California fires were starting to go down, so the sunset was a little stronger and brighter. This adorable family of three were very excited for their first family portrait session since the newborn session! They wanted to wait for their baby to be a bit older, just over 8 months. Many families like to do a 3 month, 6 month or 9 month session after the newborn session. Totally up to you.

They chose portrait collection 2, which is a 1.5 hour session. I always encourage an outfit change on these sessions as it helps to in the clients feeling refreshed 1.2 through the shoot. In this case she had 3 looks and he did 2. This also helps when you can’t decide which outfit you want to wear! She consulted with me on outfits and when she showed me the red dress I immediately said it was a MUST. Red looks great on camera!

If you plan on wearing heels during your shoot, I highly suggest you bring a pair of flats too. Especially if there is walking involved during the session. As Balboa Park has so much to offer, we definitely went on some a long walk and she had forgotten a pair of flats. I had an extra pair of sandals and I am so glad I did because her feet would not have lasted and it would have made for an uncomfortable family portrait shoot.

Shooting with a baby requires time and patience as you are on their schedule. I always ask if they have nap schedules and work around that. If it coincides with lighting, great, but I always want to make sure I have a happy baby. If you know it’s going to be on off hours, then suggest a location where you can diffuse the light through trees.



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