USD Grad Portraits | Ash

May 30, 2023

USD Grad Portraits | Ash

As a San Diego graduation photographer, it’s so fun to celebrate with the newly graduates! I get to visit all the beautiful San Diego college campuses. The majority of college grads have their grad portrait sessions on campus. Some campuses are nearby to other great spots, so you can split the time between campus and say the beach. Don’t feel like you need two locations though. Every San Diego college campus is so stunning they you are fine to stay on site. In these USD Grad Portraits | Ash brought along a special guest, her dog! I absolutely encourage to bring your dog. It’s not the first time I have a dog on campus. If your dog has a lot of energy, you might want to bring someone who can wrangle the dog. Not all your photos are going to be with your furry friend.

What to wear to your grad session? Definitely comfortable shoes! If you haven’t broken in your shoes, then definitely bring an extra pair should your feet start to hurt. We cover a lot of ground on campus and the last thing you want is to be in pain! It will show in your face! So definitely bring a tote bag with extra shoes if need be, a hairbrush or comb and lipstick. One super important thing is to iron or steam your stole! Sometimes it’s a last minute thing that you pick up so you might forget. Trust me, it is a game changer!

Be prepared to see a lot of other grads having their photo taken too. Don’t worry, there is plenty of spots to go around while you wait for a particular spot. Keep the session moving. Hopefully the others are aware you are wanting that spot so they don’t take the entire time there. However, sometimes that pushes you to try out new locations that end up being better. While on the subject of locations, make sure to ask your grad if there is a particular spot on campus that is a must have location. You want to make sure you get that. Like their particular building.


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