Los Peñasquitos Ranch House Family Photos | C + A

December 22, 2022

Los Peñasquitos Ranch House Family Photos | C + A

As a San Diego family photographer, the fall season is filled with family portraits. People are excited to share their holiday cards and news for the year! Of course, you can book your family portraits at any time of the year. It’s whatever seasonal outfit you are in to. There are so many beautiful locations in San Diego to choose from. What’s great is that you can change the location from year to year. If one year you have them at the beach, then for the next year, you might consider a meadow. That is what happened in these Los Peñasquitos Ranch House Family Photos | C + A.

When preparing for family photos, consider first the time of day. Morning or sunset. If your kids are on a strict nap schedule, then I would adhere to that. If they are in a better mood in the morning, then request a morning session. If they don’t get restless in the afternoon, then you can go for a sunset session. Next, wardrobe. You might think you have all the time in the world to choose outfits, but it does sneak up on you. This can cause stress before a session if you are scrambling to pull looks together.

There are many cure clothing brands for children. My favorite and client, Wild Wawa, is one of them! Such special and memorable pieces that will look amazing on them. They have for both boys and girls, baby to age six. If you are having trouble picking your outfits, you can start with theirs. Once theirs are chosen, then it will help guide you to put together yours. Keep in mind your backdrop colors and your session location when thinking of outfits. You want to make sure the outfits pop out.


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