San Diego Family + Newborn Photos | Allison + Shane

October 20, 2019

I love seeing my client’s family continue to grow. In this San Diego in home family shoot, a previous client of mine had her second child. I was in shock when I walked in to the house and saw it so organized and tidy!! I didn’t know that was possible with one kid, let alone two! In these newborn + family photos: San Diego home, the newborn baby was just 2 weeks old! So adorable! I think he only cried once!

As you can see, I like to take very natural photos of newborns. I don’t do newborn shoots often, but when I do I like them to be in their onesie or whatever is comfortable and let them be free. So whenever I get inquiries on newborn shoots I always make that known as some people prefer to do the more posed newborn shoots. I am not comfortable moving a baby around like that.

Seeing little Kayla just adore her little brother just made me melt!! There was even a moment when Kayla started singing to him and it literally brought us all to tears! I wish I would have videotaped it but I was just paralyzed at her sweetness! These two parents should start a business on how to raise kids! They hit the jackpot!

We even had their dog join us in the shoot! We waited till the end as the dog was on timeout for tearing up the trash. But once she was invited back in, she was so excited for her closeup!

Whenever it’s newborn shoot, it most likely in the home. I know some people already start to take their little ones out into the world, but I feel more at ease having them in the comfort of their home. You can also have photos of everyday newborn stuff like breast feeding or anything else you might want captured.


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