Sunset Cliffs Engagement Proposal | Courtney + Jacob

March 28, 2022

Sunset Cliffs Engagement Proposal | Courtney + Jacob

As a San Diego engagement photographer, I have started this 2022 year with lots of proposal sessions! I have had a mix of a session starting with a surprise proposal. I have also had a surprise myself when what I thought was just a couples session turned out to be a proposal! In this Sunset Cliffs Engagement Proposal | Courtney + Jacob there was only a surprise for her! Jacob let me know that he had let her know they were doing a photo session. So I didn’t have to worry about hiding or anything, I just had to give him the signal to pop the question.

Having to hide and wait for the proposal used to make me nervous, but I think starting a session and knowing it’s about to happen might make me even more nervous! LOL! I get in my head wondering does he or she think they are about to get asked the question! Should I continue the session without the signal so they get thrown off? Then you think about well you want the photos with the ring on! So many thinks to have going through your mind during the session when you want to be relaxed and creative!

Rule of thumb, I think, would be to have the proposer pop the question in the first 5 minutes. That way everyone’s nerves are calm from the start. LOL! Plus, you don’t want to accidentally pose the couple in a way that she can feel the ring or the box in his or her pocket. So the sooner the better. A little distraction at the beginning with some posing and then get to it! Everyone will feel relieved and someone will feel VERY VERY HAPPY! Then you feel free to pose them however you like too!

He had arranged for a San Diego Pop Up Picnic too!


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