ENGAGEMENT photos: Green Acre + Scripps Beach, San Diego, California

July 14, 2018

ENGAGEMENT photos: Green Acre + Scripps Beach, San Diego, California

This San Diego engagement photo shoot was special as they are close friends of mine! The groom I’ve known for 10+ years! So when the groom told me about the proposal I knew immediately that I wanted to gift them an engagement shoot for their wedding (the perks of having a photographer friend 😉 )

Now, for all you dog lovers out there, you are going to love this part. The couple have 2 beautiful dogs and they were part of the shoot too! This part of the shoot we shot near their home to make it easy on the dogs. Cuteness overload!

I had heard about Green Acre Campus Pointe Pointe as not only a delicious eatery by Chef Brian Malarkey, but also as a San Diego wedding venue! I thought what a great way to scope the wedding venue through photos! The couple were on board and off we went! Cue outfit change 😉 I always love when couples are in to having different outfit changes during a session. Especially when changing environments. Plus, what a great excuse to go shopping or come up with cute outfits in your closet. Your outfit is your smile; too cheesy? Seriously though, in the end it’s not what you are wearing but how you feel that is going to show in the photos. So always dress comfortably and confidently 😉

What’s great about Green Acre is that there are so many backdrops that it seems you are in 5 different places all at once! Whether it’s an urban feel or a nature feel, take your pick!

Can we swoon over the lighting! My goodness, it was really just magical! Now we could have shot at a few different spots but as the groom is an avid surfer, we had to head over to our last location, Scripps Beach in La Jolla.

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