Sunset Cliffs Engagement Photos | Megha + Bhargav

September 6, 2022

Sunset Cliffs Engagement Photos | Megha + Bhargav

As a San Diego engagement photographer, I am so lucky to have so many different beaches in San Diego to choose from! I always like to ask the clients first if they have a particular beach in mind. If not, then they welcome suggestions. Before suggesting beaches, I always like to check the tide calendar to see which beach is at its optimal on the day of the shoot. No use choosing a beach if the tide is going to be so high they can’t walk on it. In these Sunset Cliffs Engagement Photos | Megha + Bhargav wanted Sunset Cliffs and the tide permitted it! We were able to get toes in the sand and even explore the cave like area too!

The time of year can also affect your backdrop! Even at the beach! These were photographed back in the spring time as you can tell by all the yellow daisies! You see, all along Sunset Cliffs there are fields of flowers, when in bloom. When booking your session, it is important to keep seasons in mind. If you are wanting a particular look, consult with your photographer to see if it is feasible for the date(s) you are requesting.

Besides backdrops, it is also helpful to offer wardrobe help for your clients. Only of course if they wish for feedback. It is not obligatory. Always let them know that you are here to help them and are available for feedback on wardrobe looks for the shoot. They can send you photos of the outfits or even put them on and stand next to each other too. This helps the session look cohesive.

Accessories! They may get overlooked until you are staring at them in the editing process. I have learned to always ask clients if they are ok with wearing their watches. Some are glad they were asked cause they wanted to remove it and others wish to keep it. It’s definitely something to bring up early on, in case they want to remove it but have a watch tan line. You would be surprised as how many watch tan lines exist!



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