ENGAGEMENT photos: Torrey Pines Beach Trail

October 18, 2019

ENGAGEMENT photos: Torrey Pines Beach Trail

Fall engagement photos are in full swing! I love when couples want an adventure elopement session, even if it’s outdoors at our local trail site. You don’t always have to travel far for a dramatic landscape, sometimes they are right in your backyard! These engagement photos: Torrey Pines Beach Trail, were so much fun!! It’s a great location with lots of areas to shoot photos. Just remember to get your permit to shoot!

We drove to the top of the trail head and parked in the parking lot. There were some great tall trees on the east side and this way the sunlight can go through them. I allocated extra time for the shoot since we would have to do some trail hiking. So keep that in mind whenever shooting on trails. Things will take a little bit longer. Also, since we were having two outfit changes I wanted to make sure we had time to go back to car to change.

I had shot engagement photos here before, but I still did another scout when I confirmed the shoot. You always want to make sure you see places in real time as much as you can. With trails though, you can always find inspiration even in the middle of a shoot. So we happen to take a different path down towards the water and came across this tree branch and I stopped and said wait, we have something here. And off I snapped a few photos.

The light was coming through beautifully in this spot. Having the trees really helps for the light to sweep in calmly. I went to town on the warm light leaks to really emphasize the sunlight coming in. We proceeded along the trail and then came to a spot where the sunlight was completely exposed. It was a bit bright, but then a cloud came in and shaded us a bit which was perfect timing! It looked like we were on Mars!

Now that the light was creeping on to magic hour time I told her we should get back quickly to the car to change. Since the second outfit was a white dress with a body suit it was easier to change in the car than in the middle of a trail with other people around.

I mean I loved her outfit!! I told her she should just get married in this as well!! It’s a perfect romantic wedding dress. This white lace dress is from FREE PEOPLE. I might just get one myself! The light was perfect and I quickly shot some captures right outside the parking lot with the tall trees as my background. Then off to the trail we went!



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