La Jolla Beach Proposal Engagement Photos | Mayra + Brandon

May 20, 2022

La Jolla Beach Proposal Engagement Photos | Mayra + Brandon

As a San Diego engagement photographer, nothing thrills me more than a surprise wedding proposal! San Diego is a beautiful place to get propped to, that’s for sure! There are so many beautiful beaches, parks, the city itself! Careful planning is needed to execute a successful proposal, especially if your client is visiting from out of town. In this La Jolla Beach Proposal Engagement Photos | Mayra + Brandon enjoyed the beautiful La Jolla coastline!

They were visiting from out of town, a short road trip from their home. Brandon and I had been discussing their proposal for a couple of weeks. He was debating whether or not he would start it off with a ukulele serenade! He doesn’t always do it, only on special occasions. This was definitely one of those occasions and I am glad he did it. I didn’t know until I saw him walk down with it in his hand.

This is a more local beach spot, amongst some gorgeous homes! It doesn’t get as many people as the local beaches nearby. In any case, I still get there at least 15 min before start time and sit at the sport where I have directed the proposer to go to. When I see them walk down the path, I casually get up so they can take the spot. I always like to do a FaceTime call or send a video of the location for my out of town clients. I want to make sure they feel as familiar as possible with the location.

The good thing about shooting at the beach during a surprise proposal, is that you can always pretend you are taking photos of the surfers or birds. Whichever is more evident. I am always so nervous thinking that they can spot me, so I make sure to wear neutral clothes and without any photo branding.



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