La Jolla Beach Engagement Proposal Photos | R + A

March 9, 2023

La Jolla Beach Engagement Proposal Photos | R + A

As a La Jolla engagement photographer, I love the excitement of a surprise proposal photoshoot! As a San Diego proposal photographer, I don’t just show up on the day off. I work with clients to plan and prepare for the big day. Sometimes they are planned on months in advance and sometimes it’s within a weeks notice. Whatever the case may be, I always like to ask my clients what they envision for the big day. Starting with location and backdrops. Once you lock a location in then the rest of the steps fall into place. In these La Jolla Beach Engagement Proposal Photos | R + A had a beautiful blue sea and rock backdrop for their magical moment!

As a San Diego engagement photographer, it is not uncommon to get out of town clients. Being blessed with such great weather pretty much year round, it’s a definitely a destination location for many tourists. That doesn’t mean we don’t experience bad weather and sometimes travel plans change to accommodate for that. That was the case in this proposal. The date got pushed back. It’s always a great idea to monitor the weather. However, just because the The Weather Channel calls for something, it doesn’t always mean it’s going to happen. Weather can be very fickle!

If you are photographing at the beach, make sure to ask your clients how they feel about being barefoot. Normally when shooting at the beach, you as the photographer, will think it’s obvious that you will photograph on the sand. You never know the comfort level of your clients. They may want the beach backdrop but don’t want to get toes in the sand. It’s always good to know ahead of time so you can be creative with how you use the backdrop.


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