La Jolla Scripps Engagement Photos | Tram + Nam

June 3, 2021

La Jolla Scripps Engagement Photos | Tram + Nam

These San Diego summer sunsets are unreal!! As a San Diego Engagement Photographer, I always appreciate a warm, sunset that wraps around you like a hug! I had the pleasure of shooting these La Jolla Scripps Engagement Photos | Tram + Nam. We couldn’t have asked for a better sunset up in the La Jolla/UCSD wooded area! The sun just melted all of our hearts! These two lovebirds just radiated during our session! I only stopped shooting cause the sun went down! They were such an inspiration to shoot!

As an engagement photographer, it’s always a good idea to discuss outfit ideas with your clients. This way you can make sure that the outfit doesn’t compete with the backdrop or your subjects! Also, you can always encourage your clients to have multiple outfits. That depends on how long your session is for. In this case there was only one location and one outfit. When shooting multiple locations, I definitely encourage multiple outfits.

Having your location surrounded by trees and foliage really lends itself playing with light. I was able to get these beautiful sun flares because I would move around them using the sunlight hitting the trees. It’s quite the workout but well worth it! I was just over the moon, or in this case, sun, with how romantic the photos were coming out! They were excited to see them on the camera too!

I always like to start of my photography sessions with some posed shots. I feel this makes the client comfortable as they are being guided on what to do and don’t feel awkward at first. Once they get into the groove then it definitely becomes more candid! This is how you get a nice blend of both! All in all, you want them to feel comfortable and confident!



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