Scripps Woods Family Portraits | Fahey

November 9, 2020

Scripps Woods Family Portraits | Fahey

San Diego Family Photos are rising while the temperature is dropping! You can definitely feel the fall vibes now. In these Scripps Woods Family Portraits | Fahey family brought major fall mood with the copper colored dress and father son plaid shirts! I could not get enough of this copper colored dress! Christine looked radiant in it! And how adorable are these mini Vans!

Clouds rolled in, unfortunately, but this location has so much to offer as far as backdrops go that it didn’t matter. We had beautiful views, tons of logs and many trees for the little guy to hang on! I always like to mix it up with posed and candid captures.

I was excited that the La Jolla swing was back, well in full swing. LOL #dadjoke! I had shot here a couple weeks before and it was gone, there was a simple swing, which you will see to the left. Sadly, there was some graffiti on the swing. We did out best to cover it up. Do be careful when sitting on the swing. It can get wobbly.

We shot on a weekday which helps reduce the amount of people waiting to get their Instagram worthy shot. If there are people there, you can always politely ask if you can quickly get your shot and then they can continue shooting. Or perhaps they were already done. Make sure you calculate it well with the sunset so that the sun rays come through.

Besides the cool swing, I do love the pile of giant logs! It looks so surreal and like a work of art. I hope those always stay there for the great photo opportunity and also because, and more importantly, because the kids love to play on them so much! Definitely a game changer during the photo session, the kids’ faces light up!



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