Scripps Beach Family And Maternity Shoot |MD

September 2, 2020

Scripps Beach Family And Maternity Shoot |MD

San Diego family portrait sessions are always a bonus when it’s also a maternity session too! I always love seeing the big brother or big sister to be get excited for the newest member of the family! For this Scripps Beach Family and Maternity shoot session we added some extra props to make it more personal like a stethoscope and bubbles!

Megan had mentioned how her son loved to play with her stethoscope and indeed he did! He got super excited to see what he could hear! We started in the woods nearby UCSD and then headed over to the La Jolla Swing. I was so excited to shot it to them and have the little one play on it! But when we got there it was gone! The wooden swing was not this leather strap :/ I thought it would have still survived COVID thinking no one would have been out there, but it was replaced :/ We made the best of it.

Megan wore a beautiful royal blue dress! It was a nice pop of color! The weather was going back n forth between sunshine and overcast cloudy skies! So it was nice to have a bright point of reference! We took advantage of the sun rays as much as we could! So I wanted to make sure I found some great backdrops for the photos!

When doing family shoots, I always want to take a minute for the couple to have some solo shots as well. To remember the time before they had kids! The last time couples with kids probably had these type of couple portraits was probably at their wedding! So it’s always fun to make them feel like they are on a romantic getaway only if just for a minute!

We wrapped up in this wooded area and then headed over to Scripps Pier.



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