Windansea Beach Family Photos | Kemp

January 18, 2020

Windansea Beach Family Photos | Kemp

San Diego is famous for its beaches and being a San Diego family photographer, you are shooting at the beach a lot of time. Luckily there are tons of beaches along the coast to provide picturesque photos for family portraits. Little Point is a good spot at Windansea beach because there are less people and there is a variety of backdrops to work with.

There were moments I thought I was shooting the cover of a record album!! Look at these 4, they are slaying this San Diego Family portrait session. The tide was super low, which was great to have the green Spanish moss exposed. It added great color to the rocks.

The was a fun family shoot. We cracked a lot of jokes through the session. When I had them walking down the beach I told them to pretend to discuss dinner menu options. Such ridiculous prompts always merit laughter and those casual candid reactions.

Can we talk about how freakishly strong Taylor is!!! I mean it’s out of control!! I couldn’t’ believe my eyes! I of course took a bunch of shots for proof!

We had a mix of sun and clouds that day which in this case worked in our favor as we shot in the late afternoon and not in the early evening. We shooting at the beach you really want to shoot either early morning, 1 hour after sunrise, or magic hour light which is one hour before sunset.

Little Point is also a great place to have your elopement ceremony. As I mentioned before, this area of the beach is less populated. Makes it a lot easier when shooting photos. I have shot many elopement weddings here and it never fails me. Everyone loves the view and being able to have their toes in the sand!



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