La Jolla Family Maternity Announcement Photos | Nathalie + Jose

May 22, 2021

La Jolla Family Maternity Announcement Photos | Nathalie + Jose

As a San Diego maternity photographer, I usually photograph moms to be when they are almost at end of term. In this La Jolla Family Maternity Announcement Photos | Nathalie + Jose were excited to share the news of their second child. We had discussed having her first child hold up the sonogram with them in the background. They wanted the announcement to be on his behalf. It was a super cute idea! We locked in Cuvier Park as the location.

Grandma’s were also included in this shoot! They were visiting from out of town, so it was the perfect time to capture this moment! There is never a better time to shoot family portraits then when family comes in to town. With people going back to traveling, there is more and more inquiries for extended family shoots.

The day was overcast but luckily we had scheduled it earlier than sunset so it wasn’t too dark. I always recommend shooting earlier than usual on a cloudy day. The worst lighting is cloud coverage late in the day. You can always save the session when shooting it earlier. Always make sure to have your clients look towards the light. Help guide them towards their light.

When shooting a group of family members, it’s a nice idea to have everyone it the same color palette. Up to three colors is good and then people can wear different shades of it and different colors. I would have just one person with a print or two people maximum. It depends on the size of the group. The bigger the group, the more people can wear a print. But solids are always better. Wearing a solid color makes sure there aren’t that many distractions from your subject.



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