Scripps Beach Family Photos | Lynsey + Ernie

November 20, 2021

Scripps Beach Family Photos | Lynsey + Ernie

As a La Jolla family photographer, I love shooting family photos at the beach! We are so lucky to have great weather year round and are able to have photo sessions at the beach almost year round! In these Scripps Beach family photos | Lynsey + Ernie enjoyed a beautiful morning with green trees and sand in their feet! The great thing about shooting at Scripps Beach is the versatility of its backdrops! I do shoot here very often, but I never get tired of it! It always provides different scenery no matter what time of the day or wherever the tide is at. As a San Diego photographer, I am all about cool photo locations for families that offer diverse backdrops in short distances!

When photographing families with toddlers, I always suggest a time in the morning that works with the babies/toddlers sleep schedule. Yes lighting is important but so I having a happy baby! Usually babies and toddlers are more active and in a better mood in the morning, usually.

When shooting at the beach you want to avoid being there when the sun is completely exposed. So organize your locations accordingly. What is great about this location is that there is a path with trees that you can diffuse the light through in the morning. With the high cliffs above the beach, it buys you some time in the morning so you are not totally exposed to the light.

Even when the tide is high you can still find some exposed rocks to have your subjects sit on. I do like to walk further north to get a good amount of rocks like in this shoot, but you don’t necessarily have to travel far. This is a bonus when you are working with kids as their attention span is short.



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